March with Educators for BLM, June 11, 6pm

Thursday night, many educators are organizing to come together in support of the movement for Black Lives. Please read more below, and consider joining in!


Thursday @ 6:00pm

Meet at Revolution Hall (1300 SE Stark St)

For many of us, the last day of your school year is on Thursday.  Let’s end it by coming together in support of Black Lives Matter!

We’re calling on Portland-area educators (and beyond) to come together and join with the thousands who have been showing up nightly to march with Black Lives Matter.  There’s no formal statement as a group that we’re making, but our presence is to show that we stand for our students, our community, and for change in all institutions - including our own!
What to bring:
  • A mask
  • Wear all black or wear Black Lives Matter gear.  Bring signs.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring appropriate gear for weather conditions
  • Extra “safety” gear: hand sanitizer, sunglasses or protection for eyes
  • Organizers have provided snacks and water but you may want to bring your own
  • If you can, bring a buddy
Information to be aware of:
The protests, especially prior to nightfall, are largely peaceful.
With that in mind:
These are large crowds.  While there are kids of varying ages at these protests (usually 12 and up), we can’t guarantee a kid-friendly space.
It’s a long walk that ends generally in a place where we gather and listen to speeches. (This had been Waterfront Park, but has been moved to different locations the past few days.)
This is a non-violent resistance movement.  Some folks in the crowd splinter off, or other groups that one might consider more “confrontational” organize elsewhere.
You can come prepared in the unlikely (for those who do not wish it) event of a confrontation by:
  • Having protective eyewear
  • An extra mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A buddy to walk with
  • Check yourself - we take our cues from the BLM organizers.
More information?
This has been a quickly put-together effort, so we’re trying to gather information to answer questions you may have.
Click here for more information, which will be updated as we go along.
Looking for sign inspiration? You are welcome to print signs OEA made for BLM protests and marches.