Measure 97 Brought Out PAT's Best

Portland educators did an incredible job organizing for Measure 97. In addition to demanding adequate funding for education, healthcare, and senior services at the ballot box, many PAT members stepped out of their comfort zone, talking with voters across the state.

We fought hard for the funding we need to achieve the schools our students deserve. Whether it was through our phone banks and our canvassing, we found over and over again that people all over Oregon want their kids to have great schools and they had a lot of respect for educators. We should all be proud of the energy and dedication PAT members demonstrated through this campaign.

A total of 381 members volunteered their time to knock on doors and make phone calls for Measure 97. Together, we completed 772 volunteer shifts and reached out to over 35,000 voters. We logged more than 7,700 one-on-one conversations and convinced many voters that it's time for corporations to pay their fair share.

All 381 of you who put in time for this campaign have our most sincere thanks and appreciation. A huge round of applause goes to the following people who went above and beyond:

Our Zone Organizers: Huck Wilken, Greg Burrill, Rebecca Levison, Allison Tetrick, Kevin Conroy, Ailien Tran, Diana Collins, and Kate Johnson.

Our top volunteers, with five or more shifts each: Katherine Paxton-Williams, Tina Lamanna, Elizabeth Skorohodov, Alisha Chavez, Christine Emmanuelli, Jane Morgan, Shannon Foxley, Hyung Nam, Christopher Naze, Lisa Orcutt Kane, Gregory Huntington, Alicia Brown, Al Rabchuk, Erika Schneider, Patricia Cooke, Angela Dileo, Christopher Gifford, Rachel Hanes, Thea Keith, Kathy Moore, Craig Nelson, Nicola Onnis, Julie Pedersen, Maggie Raczek, Margaret Byrne, Marleen Wallingford, and baby Miriam.

Thank you for going all out for our students and for the future of public education. This is exactly what it looks like to be a social justice union.