Meet Your PAT Bargaining Team!

Steve Lancaster, Chair

My name is Steve Lancaster. I entered the teaching profession 18 years ago as a Social Studies teacher at Marshall High School were I taught for four years.  Since then I have taught at Madison, Cleveland and Lincoln where I have been for 12 years.  I began serving on the Bargaining Team eight years ago and have held the Chair position for the last six years, making this my forth time at the bargaining table.  I passionately believe that our contract is a vehicle for protecting the teaching profession and ensures that the voice of professional educators will be honored.

Steve Lancaster

Emy Markewitz

My name is Emy Markewitz. I am both a 3rd grade teacher and parent of an incoming 8th grader at Vernon School. I’ve been with the District since the 1997-1998 school year, and have served on the Bargaining Team through several rounds of negotiations before.

Francisca Alvarez

My name is Francisca Alvarez. I am a second grade Spanish Immersion Teacher at Scott School. I have been part of Portland Public Schools since 2007. I have experienced teaching in English only settings and DLI following the 90/10 model.

Angela Bonilla

¡Hola a todos! My name is Angela Bonilla and I am an Instructional Coach at Scott School K-5. This will be my 5th year teaching at PPS and first year out of my Spanish DLI classroom. I am extremely excited to be an advocate and resource for educators; ¡El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

Charity Powell

My name is Charity Powell, I am a Special Education Teacher at Laurelhurst School, and mom to an incoming kindergartener. I have worked for PPS since 2002. Over the years, I have taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade as a General Education Teacher, and Kindergarten through 8th grade as a Special Education Learning Center Teacher. 

Thea Keith

My name is Thea Keith, I have been a middle school teacher in PPS since 2007. I teach health and science at West Sylvan Middle School where I have served as a building rep since 2014.