Mobilizing for May Day

May 1st is a great opportunity for educators to stand with their colleagues and the community to fight for the schools ALL our students deserve. Educators across Oregon will be mobilizing to make sure our schools are places where all students feel safe to learn, especially those targeted because of immigration status, ethnicity, or gender identity. We have to defend the public schools that are supported by our community, defend the community that supports our public schools, and protect our students from people who see them as sources of profit. Our public schools are not for sale!

Here is how you can get involved: 


  • Take the online pledge:
  • Wear “Red for Ed” on May 1
  • Wear an “ALL STUDENTS” sticker (coming soon)
  • Share what you are doing for May Day on social media using the hashtag #OEAMayDay
  • Like the #OEAMayDay event on Facebook and post your photos to the event page

In your School

  • Organize a ‘WALK-IN’ before school with colleagues and community members to support all of our students (
  • Take a group picture with your colleagues and post it to social media using the hashtag #OEAMayDay

In your community

  • Attend a public community event celebrating May Day and take an OEA May Day sign (
  • Support our immigrant community by making a donation to one of our partner organizations, Causa, here: