Next Week is Teacher for a Day

On December 12th, The PAT will hold this year’s Teacher for a Day event.  We invited community leaders from the legislature, city government, business, and the non-profit world to become “guest teachers” in our schools. 

Teacher for a Day gives community members a ringside seat for the important work we do every day, as well as the many challenges we face as educators.  If your school has a “guest teacher,” please take a moment to introduce yourself to them and to be frank about what you need to be even more successful in your work. 

We are pleased to report that we have fifteen community leaders who have agreed to attend:

  • Scott Bailey (PPS School Board), hosted by Valerie Turner at Beaumont
  • Margaret Doherty (State Representative), hosted by Vanessa Smith at Jackson
  • Julie Esparza-Brown (PPS School Board), hosted by Lisa Coffman at Lane
  • Lew Fredrick (OR State Senator), hosted by Jayme Causey at Jefferson
  • Tom Hughes (Metro Council President), hosted by Henise Telles-Ferreira at Roosevelt
  • Jared Mason-Gere (OEA Government Relations), hosted by Agar Rojas at Robert Gray
  • Rita Moore (PPS School Board), hosted by Huck Wilken at Cesar Chavez
  • Rob Nosse (State Representative), hosted by Mary Watkins at Harrison Park
  • Mike Rosen (PPS School Board), hosted by Stephanie Rege at Scott
  • Reed Scott-Schwalbach (OEA Vice President), hosted by Stephen Gunvalson at Rigler
  • Bob Stacey (Metro Councilor), hosted by Marie Bellavia at Arleta
  • Kathleen Taylor (OR State Senator), hosted by Melissa Standley at Creston
  • Jen Thomas (PPS Manager of Labor Relations), hosted by Karen Polis at Franklin
  • Barbara Smith Warner (State Representative), hosted by Tamara O'Malley at Madison
  • Jennifer Williamson (House Majority Leader), hosted by Kelly Dwight at Madison