Now There's an Easier Process for Working with Substitutes!

PAT has been advocating on behalf of regularly employed professional educators and substitute educators for an easier process when educators need to access a substitute. PPS has listened and the process has changed.

Thanks to all of the member input we received, PAT professional educators are now able to assign substitute educators to their Seesaw, Canvas, and Google Meet sections. That means less work to assign a guest educator and a more successful day for the substitute assigned. 

The stress, the cold and flu season, and the day-to-day issues that arise mean that even though you work from home, you may still need to use sick days, family leave days, and personal days.  In addition, your colleagues in the substitute educator ranks count on regular work for income, and to retain health insurance.  

Now that the process for Distance Learning substitute work is simplified and improved, we hope that all PAT members remember that you have a responsibility to yourselves and to your friends and family to stay well, and contractual rights to sick leave, family leave, and personal leave. 

You can review the communications that PPS sent to all professional educators regarding how regular PAT members can access a substitute, and how substitutes will work with classroom teachers with these links.