OEA Representative Assembly: April 15-16

This weekend, PAT members will take part in the Oregon Education Association's Representative Assembly. This is our statewide union's highest body, and a key place to make our voice heard on everything from legislative and political issues to professional practice.

This year's meeting will take place in Portland at the Red Lion Hotel on the River, 909 N. Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR  97217. If you're interested in attending as an observer, please contact Lisa Wilkerson in the PAT office for more information at [email protected] or (503) 233-5018.

Thanks to all those members who'll be serving as PAT's elected representatives: Ray Amling; Lauriel Amoroso; Katherine Anderson; Camila Arze Torres Goitia; Shannon Baker; Tatiana Baley; Mike Bauer; Christine Bemrose; Zoe Boltak; Alicia Brown; Paul Bubl; Greg Burrill; Margaret Byrkit; Cassie Canales; Kali Capps; Lisabeth Carter-Widyaratne; Christine Caton; David Child; Suzanne Cohen; Diana Collins; Kyle Cooke; Sheila Craig; Kevin Cunningham; Diane Dean; David Dugo; Gerald Eaton; Alice Ferguson-Chadd; Hannah Flinn; Emma Ford; Shannon Foxley; Michael Garcie; Adolfo Garza-Cano; Brittany Grahn; Catherine Griesdorn; Stephen Gunvalson; Scott Guthrie; Ronald Hall; Rachel Hanes; LC Hansen; Tina Hargaden; Terri Harrington; Ned Hascall; Michael Horrigan; Irene Ikada; Katie Johnson; Lisa Kane; Tom Kane; Michelle Kenney; Jeff Kipilman; Michelle Lacaden; Dominic Le Fave; Rodney Maack; Eric MacCartney; Eliana Machuca; Elizabeth Maier;Jeffrey McNeal; Deborah Miller; Hyung Nam; Michelle Nicola; Ric Oleksak; Matthew Oleson; Aubrey Pagenstecher; Kathy Paxton-Williams; Russ Peterson; Al Rabchuk; Philip Rafferty; Sandra Rosenfeld; Michelle Schardt; Vangie Shaw; Shelley Simonsen; Allison Smith; Gwen Sullivan; Henise Telles-Ferreira; Elizabeth Thiel; Raeann Thompson; Ailien Tran; Candice Vickers; Jeffrey Waters; Alice Weinstein; Rose Wilde; Huck Wilken; Kim Wilson; Amy Wood; Emily Wright; Jamie Zartler.