Oregon Education Association Opportunities

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  • Professional Learning: OEA has micro credentials and PD relevant to your work. Learn more: https://oregoned.org/professional-learning/events 
  • OEA Grow: Did you know OEA has a Podcast? The guests are usually educators just like you discussing issues important to student and educator success. Each episode is about 30-40 minutes long. Listen to the most recent episode about Connecting with student’s Cultures, just in time for the new school year! https://oeagrow.podbean.com/e/connecting-with-students-cultures/ 
  • Peer Mediation: The OEA Mediation Network provides confidential, non-judgemental mediation and conflict resolution services to OEA Members as a benefit of membership. Their goal is to help union members resolve conflict at the lowest level, improve and increase communication between colleagues, and facilitate dialogue to mend relationships. A mediator facilitates communications, promotes understanding, and helps parties collaboratively problem solve the issues that matter to them. For more information, go to https://oregoned.org/mediation-network 
  • OEA Grants: Looking for grants to support your development as an educator or to support student learning? Check out OEA Foundation Grants available: https://oregoned.org/student-success/student-support/oea-foundation-grants