Organizing for May Day

Since the 1800s, workers around the world have commemorated our struggles for labor rights and social justice on May 1st. Teachers nationwide are celebrating May Day this year and we hope everyone in PAT will be able to participate. We’re coordinating our efforts through the OEA and NEA, in partnership with AROS, the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools.


Please stand together with your colleagues and other PAT members for the schools all our students deserve. You can participate by:

  1. Wearing red and wear “All Students” stickers on Monday, May 1st.
  2. Planning a ‘WALK IN’ or ‘WALK OUT’ with your staff before or after school.
  • For a WALK IN have all of your staff meet outside in front of the school building, at a designated time and place, to take a photo and walk into the building together at the beginning of the school day.   
  • For a WALK OUT have your staff meet at a designated time and place inside the school building and walk out together and take a group photo, such as at the end of the school day.
  • Remember, try to plan this for a time with high visibility among parents and students.
  • Share the photo with your staff, and ask everyone to post it to social media with the hashtag #OEAMayDay!

Talk to your Building Organizer about how you can help! Learn more here