Organizing for Measure 97

If Measure 97 passes, we secure an additional $6 billion in stable funding for education, healthcare, and senior services. If it fails, we are facing a $1-2 billion shortfall next budget cycle. Oregonians have been waiting for two decades for the legislature to fix our revenue system, and we won’t get another opportunity like this. 

This is a campaign we have to win. That’s why we are calling on every member to invest a few hours this fall contacting voters and sharing your experience. We are meeting every Saturday morning at PAT to canvass, and every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon to phone bank. In addition, we are asking members at every building to organize a canvass from your site.

Please join us to volunteer as often as you can. Sign up here and personally invite your colleagues and friends to join you.

PAT members have already volunteered for over 100 shifts of canvassing and phone-banking for Measure 97. A shout out goes to Markham Elementary and Cesar Chavez Schools for being the first sites to organize a neighborhood canvass, and to members from Sellwood Middle School who organized to phone bank together. 

Thank you Allison Tetrick, Greg Burrell, and Tina Lamana, our top three volunteers in September!