Parent-Teacher Conferences are Virtual, Nov. 22nd & 23rd

This year, Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Monday, November 22nd and Tuesday, November 23rd. PPS has confirmed that all parent-teacher conferences will be held virtually this year. Educators are encouraged to work from home, but have the right to be in their building if they choose. 

Article 6.7.2 of your union contract states that, “the District shall schedule two (2) parent conferences in the evening on two consecutive evenings.” Evening conferences shall last no longer than three (3) hours and shall conclude by 8:30 PM To compensate for the two evenings, Wednesday, November 24th is a no-work day. Please make sure your conference schedule complies with our contract, including your dinner break and the end time. 

Individual educators may flex their schedule for parent-teacher conferences. For example, if an educator needs to attend to family needs for portions of the scheduled conference times, they may contact some families to schedule an alternative time for their conferences. However, unless your entire building applied for and received a contract exception, the only dates communicated by your building administrator should be the ones on the calendar.

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