Portland Parents and Family FAQs

This FAQ was made by parents for parents

Why are Portland Teachers (PAT) striking?

  • For their STUDENTS, our KIDS!
  • Our teachers have been negotiating with Portland Public Schools and no matter how
    hard they’ve advocated for their profession and our students - PPS is not budging!
  • Striking is their last resort and they are doing this for us, for our community, and for their
    families! This is a short term inconvenience for a long term solution!

Teachers Share Their Why ➤

What day will the strike start?

  • Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

How long will it last?

  • Until PPS agrees to a fair contract that respects our teachers, our students, and our

What do I do if I need childcare?

  • Plan ahead starting now - start talking to babysitters, grandparents, family friends
  • Contact your employer - this will be impacting families across our City
  • Work with other neighborhood families to create pods where parents can switch off or
    hire a caretaker for a group

How can we help during the strike?

Resources for Allies ➤

What will happen on the picket line?

  • We’ll make signs, sing songs/chants, talk to one another and build community, eat
    snacks, get our steps in walking out front of the school
  • We’ll be standing in front of the school in the morning and then meeting for a city wide
    rally at Noon each day.

Can I bring my kid to the picket line?