President's Message: This Could Change Everything

Welcome to 2019-2020 school year!

I hope you had a great summer break, and are feeling ready for the coming school year.

We have a big year ahead of us. After a major campaign for fully-funded schools, culminating in over 35,000 educators, families, and community allies taking action across the state on May 8th, we won the passage of the Student Success Act. 

This legislation will put over a billion dollars into Oregon’s schools.

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Get to Know Your PAT Committees

PAT members have set the gold standard in our state for what unified and motivated professionals can achieve through collective bargaining in recent years. In addition to bargaining, much of the union’s work is accomplished by PAT members on our standing committees, benefitting all our colleagues and every Portland student.

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PERS Update: Union Coalition Files Lawsuit

OEA, in coalition with other labor unions, filed a lawsuit against the retirement cuts handed down by the State Legislature earlier this year.

SB 1049 targeted working people, taking money out of our personal accounts to pay employers' pension obligations to retirees. In our case, James v. the State of Oregon, et al, public employees are asserting that the loss of retirement benefits violates the Constitution, is a breach of contract, and is an illegal taking without compensation.

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Meet Nichole Watson, PAT's New Racial Equity Organizer

My name is Nichole Watson and I am super excited to be on full-time release with PAT to strengthen our organizational focus on racial equity and community partnerships. This incredible opportunity is a result of the Racial Equity Task Force, which was the brainchild of our very own Adolfo Garza-Cano and former PPS educator Tai Said-Hall.

In 2018-19, I stepped in to co-chair the Racial Equity Task Force alongside Adolfo and chair the Black Lives Matter Committee, one of our subcommittees.  During the academic year, the Racial Equity Task Force, which is intentionally comprised of educators of color, focused on providing affinity spaces to build solid relationships and offer a safe opportunity to share our experiences, fears, setbacks, obstacles, victories and aspirations in the classroom. We successfully hosted three mixers for educators of color that were well attended and deeply impactful.

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Meet Peter Brogan, PAT's New Uniserv Consultant

My name is Peter Brogan and I am overjoyed to be joining the PAT this year as your new UniServ Consultant. I was born and raised in New York City, but for the last few years I've been working with teachers and other education workers across Northern California, as an organizer and representative with the California Federation of Teachers (CFT). Prior to working at CFT, I was an organizer with the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), where I organized and represented mental health workers at Kaiser Permanente, from Fresno to the Napa Valley.

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Join the OEA Mediation Network

The Oregon Education Association is creating a statewide network of trained mediators to help resolve disputes at the building level beginning in March 2020.  

Once the program is up and running, union members will be able to request dispute resolution assistance from OEA, and the program will confidentially assign mediators, based on need and geographic area.

The program is currently recruiting candidates from different regions across the state to serve as mediators, including individuals who will make at least a three-year commitment to helping resolve peer-to-peer conflict among educators in their geographic area through the mediation network.

Candidates will attend two weekend training sessions in the fall, and then practice their new skills through a field project in the winter.

The application deadline is September 16th.

Interested educators can find out more and apply online at

PAT Party in the Park: Join Us Friday September 13th!

Please join PAT Members and their families at PAT's annual Party in the Park! Food and drinks are provided.

Date: Friday, September 13th
Time: 3:30-6:30 PM
Place: Laurelhurst Park, Area D

The event is kid-friendly, and a great chance to reconnect with colleagues and friends, and meet new educators in PPS.

Kevin's All Stars will be providing music.

Laurelhurst Park is in Southeast Portland, off Cesar Chavez and Ankeny.