PAT COVID-19 Safety Survey Results

Last week, over 2,300 PAT members took our COVID safety survey to help guide our work updating our Spring 2021 Letter of Agreement (LOA) on COVID safety and working conditions.

The results reveal a high level of unity around what we need to keep our students safe and maintain in-person instruction during this stage of the pandemic. You can see the complete results here.

Here are some of PAT’s highest priorities, based on your feedback:

More than 80% Strongly Support the following: 

  • Time to transition to Hybrid or CDL if conditions warrant it
  • Rapid symptomatic and screening COVID testing
  • HEPA air filters in all rooms
  • All students and staff wear masks
  • COVID outbreak notification 
  • A way to isolate without loss of pay

Additionally, more than 70% Strongly Support these protections: 

  • Protection against simultaneous online and in-person instruction
  •  Protection for distance protocols in all spaces
  • KN-95 masks for educators when students cannot wear masks
  • Online positions for educators who can’t work in-person,
  • Vaccine and testing clinics for schools that need them most
  •  Outdoors Student mask breaks 
  •  Vaccine mandate for students

Much appreciation to all of you who helped define our collective priorities by taking the survey. We are fighting hard for these additional protections as we discuss updating our COVID Safety LOA with the District. We are also using your feedback to advocate with the ODE, OHA, and local and state leaders for stronger protections for our students and school communities.