PAT Elections Results

On February 24th balloting closed for the PAT election. The following candidates were elected:

President: Elizabeth Thiel

Vice-President: Gwen Sullivan

Secretary: Alisha Chavez-Downing

Treasurer: Diana Collins

Executive Board (5 positions elected):

  • Mike Bauer
  • Greg Burrill
  • Vincent Chirimwami
  • Jacqueline (Jacque) Dixon
  • Rachel Hanes

All of this year’s candidates for NEA RA Delegate and OEA RA Delegate have been elected. Write-in candidates with two or more votes for NEA RA Delegate and OEA RA Delegate will be contacted by PAT in March. Please contact N&E Committee Chair, Ailien Tran ([email protected]), if you have any questions.

Thank you to everyone who ran for office and who voted!