PAT Grieves Salaries Promised (But Not Given) to New Members

PAT has filed a class-action grievance stating that PPS HR representatives promised multiple new members higher salaries than actually received.  In most of these cases the HR specialists ignored salary placement guidelines around receiving a higher degree and/or advanced education hours beyond a bachelor’s degree prior to receiving licensure.  In some cases, HR representatives also ignored information about years of experience.  After members had accepted the position, they were later given a contract with an actual salary that was in many cases several thousand dollars lower. 

We are seeking information from any other new members who have experienced this situation this school year.  In most cases (but not all), members would have received an offer of employment letter with the following paragraph in it:

Based upon preliminary information, your annual salary is estimated to be at (insert FTE) of (insert salary) based upon (insert lane of salary schedule showing education experience), earned after your eligibility for a teaching or professional license, and (insert number of years of experience) of prior work experience for a (insert number of days/usually 192) -day work schedule.   Please note, this is an estimate.  Your actual salary may be more or less depending on official verification of your estimate and official transcripts.

After receiving this offer of employment letter, members are later told that the actual salary will be less.  This is usually based on the following:

  1. A member earned a Master’s degree / advanced hours prior to receiving licensure to teach in a PK-12 system.  The HR representative did not factor this in to the estimate.
  2. The HR representative did not accurately apply the rules concerning years of experience for step advancement.

In some cases, the member may have made a mistake with the information reported to PPS.  Upon review of official transcripts and prior employment information the salary was correctly adjusted.  This is not the subject of the grievance.  The grievance only concerns cases where the HR representative was given correct information and still made inaccurate estimates by not applying our current contract language around educational and experience credit.

If you believe that your situation fits the pattern described, please click this link to complete an information sheet to be possibly included in the grievance settlement.  Note:  this grievance only applies to cases this school year.