PAT Members Lead Statewide Organizing

Thank you to all the delegates who came to the Oregon Education Association Representative Assembly on April 21st and 22nd:

Amy Ambrosio, Kate Anderson, Nathan Beck, Mandee Bish, Zoe Boltak, Janelle Boyle, Alicia Brown, Kali Capps, Alisha Chavez, Suzanne Cohen, Diana Collins, Diana Dean, Paula Denis, David Dugo, Alice Ferguson Chadd, Samuel Fisher, Adolfo Garza-Cano, Stephen Gunvalson, Rachel Hanes, Skye Hanna, Ned Hascall, Maria Hernandez, Irene Ikada, Susan Kaller, Tom Kane, Judith Kleinstein, Rebecca Levison, Jeff McNeal, Tom Myers, Hyung Nam, Rosie O’Hara, Matthew Oleson, Lisa Orcutt Kane, Kathy Paxton-Williams, Julie Pedersen, Russ Peterson, Al Rabchuk, Noelle Richey, Joe Rowe, Vangie Shaw, Alex Stegner, Gwen Sullivan, Henise Telles-Ferreira, Elizabeth Thiel, RaeAnn Thompson, Stephen Tokarski, Ailien Tran, Margaret Walker-Byrne, Huck Wilken, and Jamie Zartler.

PAT Delegates put forward and passed an impressive array of New Business Items to move our statewide union forward. Successful NBI’s put forward by PAT delegates direct OEA to:

  • Create a governance structure review task force;
  • Oppose mandating change to grading policy connected to “personalized”/competency education;
  • Post resources online to support families dealing with immigration issues;
  • Continue work to create common language for culturally competent practices, and to spotlight discriminatory practices within our institutions;
  • Promote statewide simultaneous rallies to advocate for public education in the 2017-18 school year;
  • Lobby to disinvest PERS from fossil fuels;
  • Lobby to lift the preemption on rent control.