PAT Members Not Required to Take Leave for Missing After-School Staff Meetings

PAT bargaining unit members are not required to submit a short leave form or to use their accumulated leave if they are absent from a Monday or Tuesday after-school staff meeting

For example, if your staff meeting is on Monday after the regular workday, and you work your full 7.5 hour day on Monday, but have a doctor’s appointment during the staff meeting time, you are not required to submit a short leave form. Nor are you required to use accumulated leave for your absence from the staff meeting.

You must notify your administrator that you will not be attending the meeting, however, and frequent absences may cause your administrator to question the reasons why you are missing staff meetings. Nevertheless, you are not required to use leave.

It's also important to note that in this example, if you are absent from work the day of the staff meeting, you are required to use leave time only for the regular day and not an additional two hours for the staff meeting.