PAT Members Weigh In On Housing and Environmental Issues

PAT Representative Assemblies continue to be a place for lively discussion and debate, where members tackle a wide array of issues affecting our city.

For example, in an effort to ensure safe and healthy communities, members voted in October to support the efforts of local environmental groups working to stop all large-scale fossil fuel projects in Portland, including extraction, storage and transport. You can read the full text of the resolution below. 

In March, members adopted housing justice as an essential aspect of the fight for the schools Portland students deserve, and committed PAT to work jointly with Portland Tenants United and other community groups to challenge no cause evictions and pressure local lawmakers to pass renters' rights legislation. You can read the full text of the resolution below.

If you would like to get involved with PAT's efforts on either of these issues, please contact the chair of the Social Justice and Community Outreach Committee, Rachel Hanes at [email protected].


Fossil Fuel Projects Resolution - Adopted October 28, 2015 

Portland Association of Teachers supports the efforts of 350.PDX and other organizations to stop all new large scale fossil fuel projects in Portland including extraction, storage, and transportation to ensure that none of our communities are put at risk.

Housing Justice Resolution - Adopted on March 30, 2016 

WHEREAS Portland ranked 3rd in the nation for rent increases in metropolitan cities with rents increasing by 15% in 2015 and 63% in the last 10 years; and

WHEREAS Weak regulations at State and City levels, as well as low vacancy rates, create a climate of fear for tenants, and force tenants to agree to conditions far from safe or habitable; and

WHEREAS Property owners maintain the legal privilege to remove tenants without cause, putting undue strain on our communities and residents; and

WHEREAS No cause evictions enable property owners freedom to discriminate and retaliate against tenants who are left without functional legal recourse; and

WHEREAS Lack of protections and enforcement means Portland’s property managers determine who is able to live in our community and has allowed them to push communities of color out of Portland; and

WHEREAS Housing and other basic needs are essential to the development of strong, equitable communities and healthy individuals and productive workers; and

WHEREAS Unstable housing harms students’ ability to learn and participate actively in school; and

WHEREAS Portland tenants need a union to directly confront and transform the injustices of our housing system.

BE IT RESOLVED the Portland Association of Teachers will establish housing justice as an essential aspect of the fight for the schools Portland students deserve.

BE IT RESOLVED The Portland Association of Teachers will join Portland Tenants United to form a community coalition challenging no cause evictions and pressuring lawmakers for just cause and right to rent legislation to ensure Portland’s families, students and workers are protected.