Materials for the November 30 RA

 November RA Agenda

Back to the Bargaining Table

One of our main goals this year is to settle a contract that brings us closer to the schools our students deserve. It’s time for us to take another step towards that goal.

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Measure 97 Brought Out PAT's Best

Portland educators did an incredible job organizing for Measure 97. In addition to demanding adequate funding for education, healthcare, and senior services at the ballot box, many PAT members stepped out of their comfort zone, talking with voters across the state.

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Substitutes Start Bargaining

On November 9th, the PAT Substitute Teachers' Bargaining Team, comprised of Mark Oshin, Jeff Kipilman, and Stephanie Ritzert, met with the PPS team to start negotiations over a new contract for PAT Substitutes. After a productive session discussing goals and process, the two teams met again on November 22nd to exchange proposals.

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Become A PAT Leader: Run for Office

Nominations will open at the November 30th PAT Representative Assembly (PAT RA) for election to several PAT positions.  These include PAT Executive Board Directors (4 positions), PAT Delegates to the Oregon Education Association Representative Assembly, and PAT Delegates to the National Education Association Representative Assembly.

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The Performance Evaluation Process for Probationary Teachers

Probationary educators shall be evaluated during each year of their three-year probationary period based on the PPS Performance Evaluation Rubric. The evaluation process requires a goal-setting conference in the fall and allows for informal observations by the evaluator. At least two (2) formal classroom observations are also required each year. Read the FAQ for a detailed description of the process.

Promising Practice Grants

Do you have a plan that could enhance your classroom skills or boost student achievement? An idea for a site-based professional development activity that could build partnerships? OEA’s Center for Great Public Schools awards Promising Practice Grants to individual PAT members.  

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Are You Interested in Attending the State Board of Education Meeting?

At the 2016 Oregon Education Association Representative Assembly, members passed New Business Item #8 calling for “OEA to provide release time for up to four members to attend State Board of Education meetings. The members released shall have expertise that reflects the agenda topics.

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PAT Members Not Required to Take Leave for Missing After-School Staff Meetings

PAT bargaining unit members are not required to submit a short leave form or to use their accumulated leave if they are absent from a Monday or Tuesday after-school staff meeting

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Dealing with Workload Problems

Our contract requires that any educator who has a concern about her/his workload or who believes her/his workload is inequitable must first discuss the concern with her/his immediate supervisor. If the concern is not resolved by the supervisor, the professional educator can report this concern to the joint PAT/PPS Workload Committee for review using the following form. The Workload Committee is actively reviewing cases now, using dedicated funds from the School Board to resolve as many problems as possible.

Student Loan Forgiveness Workshop Materials

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program 

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Income Driven Repayment Program

Materials from the October 26 RA

Thanks to those who made it to the October RA! Here are the materials to bring back to you building:

Our next RA is Wednesday, November 30. Please review the Proposed Bylaws Amendment, which we will vote on at the November RA.


What Does Fighting For the Schools Our Students Deserve Actually Look Like?

It was November 22, 2013, almost three years ago, when thousands of us came together on the Burnside Bridge. We were in the midst of our biggest campaign ever, “Fighting for the Schools Portland Students Deserve.” We knew that by standing together in the midst of horrible contract negotiations we had the opportunity to fight for our students and our city.  And fight we did. We didn’t allow the District to gut our contract and roll back advances we have made for our students around workload.

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Together for Measure 97

We have less than 2 weeks until Election Day, and we are fighting to fund the schools our students deserve by passing Measure 97.


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Make Sure and Vote by November 8th

PAT has put out its Voter’s Guide for the November election. Recommendations come from the PAT PAC, and were made on the basis of the candidate’s record or position on educational issues, responses during the interviews, viability of campaign, PAT’s strategic organizational goals, and electability. In this election cycle, the PAT PAC board interviewed and deliberated over a period of 10 months, for over 44 hours in total, to make recommendations for candidates.

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Get the Latest on Bargaining

Last week, we sent our second bargaining brief to every member’s personal email. If you haven’t already, be sure and check it out online. If you didn’t receive it, that means we don’t have your personal email! Make sure you’re getting the latest updates on our negotiations by sending your personal email to Kelli Williams, [email protected]

PAT Grieves Added Minutes in PK-8 Workday

PAT has filed a grievance on behalf of our members in PK-8 schools after the District unilaterally increased student/teacher contact time for middle school educators. This is a clear violation of the workload language in our contract, and the protocols we have in place for our current Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) with the District.

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PAT Grieves Salaries Promised (But Not Given) to New Members

PAT has filed a class-action grievance stating that PPS HR representatives promised multiple new members higher salaries than actually received.  In most of these cases the HR specialists ignored salary placement guidelines around receiving a higher degree and/or advanced education hours beyond a bachelor’s degree prior to receiving licensure.  In some cases, HR representatives also ignored information about years of experience.  After members had accepted the position, they were later given a contract with an actual salary that was in many cases several thousand dollars lower. 

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Substitute Given Building Restriction for Heart Condition

A building principal has requested that one of our substitute members receive a building restriction after the member had to leave during the school day because she was experiencing extreme chest pains.  After calling the office for help, the substitute waited over 20 minutes for support to arrive.  After scheduling an emergency appointment with the OHSU cardio clinic, the substitute brought her students to the office and left to go to the cardio clinic.  She later had to seek additional medical treatment for her heart condition.  Unfortunately, human resources processed the request for a building restriction without question.  PAT is demanding that the restriction be dropped, and that the district conduct an investigation into the actions of administration and HR.

Look for Your Materials and Supplies Stipend

The PAT/PPS contract provides that each professional educator shall receive a materials and supplies stipend of $100 each school year to use to purchase materials. This is in addition to materials and supplies budgeted by the school or district.  Educators are NOT required to submit any receipts or itemized requests for reimbursement to receive this stipend. Instead, the stipend is provided as an additional $100 on the October paycheck.

PAT Is Working to Make PPS Friendly for New Moms

In the last few months, there have been many calls from new mothers who are experiencing difficulties with District administration when it comes to allowing for time and a private location to express milk.  Click the following link to find out more information about legal requirements for expressing milk, and find out how PAT is pushing the District to rectify this situation.

Join Us at These Upcoming Conferences

Join PAT members from across the city at the Northwest Teachers for Social Justice Conference on October 29th, and the Black Parent Initiative Conference on November 12th. 

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