The PAT PAC is Portland Association of Teachers' Political Action Committee. It is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated association of individual educators and others and is not affiliated with any political party.  PAT PAC's purpose is to elect to office candidates who are interested in the development of a better educational system in Oregon and Portland Public Schools.  

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PAT PAC Endorsement Process

The PAT PAC Board endorses candidates based on their record and their interview with the PAT PAC Board. 

In races in which the PAT PAC Board chooses to make an endorsement, the Board offers an interview to all candidates who officially file to run, by the time the Board has made an endorsement. The Board may require a pre-interview questionnaire.

In the interview process, all candidates in the same race are asked the same questions, and given the same amount of time.

The PAT PAC endorsement panel consists of 8 educators, along with OEA staff. The panel considers the following criteria while making their endorsements: support for collective bargaining and the rights of workers; knowledge of education issues; commitment to racial equity; advocacy for strong, fully-funded public schools; and electability.

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PAT PAC does not ever use PAT Dues to fund candidates for political office. All PAT PAC funds are voluntary contributions. Please become a PAT PAC Member by filing out the form below.

For Candidates

If you are seeking the endorsement of the PAT PAC, please contact [email protected] to learn about the process and timeline for the race.

The PAT PAC Board only interviews candidates who have filed for office. Please make sure you file before the deadline with the appropriate agency.

About the PAT PAC

PAT PAC decisions are made by the Board of Directors, which include the PAT President, the PAT Legislative Committee Chair, PAT's OEA PAC Representative, PAT's OEA Legislative Advisory Council representative, and six at-large directors elected by the PAT PAC contributors.

To run to be elected as an at-large director of the PAT PAC, one must be a contributor to the PAC; a member of PAT or PMAE-Retired; and a member of the PAT Legislative Committee.

To learn more about the PAT PAC, please join the next Legislative Committee meeting. Go the PAT Calendar to see when meetings are scheduled. Legislative Committee meetings are open to all PAT members.

PAT PAC Bylaws

2021-2022 PAT PAC Board

Tina Lamanna, Markham Elementary 2nd Grade teacher, At-Large Director, PAT PAC Chair

Elizabeth Thiel, McDaniel HS English teacher, PAT President

Joanne Shepard, Whitman Elementary, OEA PIE Board, PAT PAC Treasurer

Ami Fox, Cleveland High School, PAT Legislative Committee Chair, PAT PAC Vice-Chair

Erika Schneider, Llewellyn Elementary 2nd grade teacher, At-Large Director

Jacob Jonas Closs, Ockley Green Middle School Math teacher, At-Large Director, PAT PAC Secretary

Greg Burrill, Substitute teacher, At-Large Director

Gwen Sullivan, Chapman Elementary School Librarian, At-Large Director