PAT PAC Election Results

The PAT PAC is Portland Association of Teachers' Political Action Committee.  The PAT PAC Board interviews candidates running for local office and recommends those who can best support public education and union values. Endorsement decisions reflect candidates’ written materials, their in-person interview, and their record.

On April 26, the PAT PAC held elections for open seats on the PAT PAC Board.  Here is your 2017-2018 PAT PAC Board:


  • Suzanne Cohen, Middle School Math teacher, PAT President
  • Madeleine Allen, Marysville 7/8 LA/SS, Legislative Committee Chair
  • Tom Kane, Alliance High School teacher, OEA LAC
  • Rebecca Levison, James John Elementary ELL teacher, OEA PIE Board
  • Matthew Oleson, ELL teacher, At-Large Director 2015-2018
  • Eileen Wende, Retired Special Education teacher, At-Large Director 2015-2018
  • Gwen Sullivan, Middle School Media Specialist, At-Large Director 2017-2019
  • Greg Burrill, Substitute teacher, At-Large Director 2016-2019
  • Elizabeth Thiel, High School English teacher, At-Large Director 2017-2020
  • Diana Collins, Gray Middle School Science teacher, At-Large Director 2017-2020

If you are interested in serving on the PAT PAC, please come to Legislative Committee meetings next school year. These are open meetings and all PAT members are welcome. To run for a PAT PAC position, you must first be a member of the Legislative Committee. Learn more at our website.