PAT PAC Endorsement Process

Our elected leaders have a huge influence on our school system—they determine our funding, the school rating system, housing and healthcare policies that impact our students’ lives, and much more. Teachers’ voices need to be elevated in politics, to ensure that we elect leaders who value public education, workers’ rights, and a more just society.

That’s why we have the PAT PAC—our political action committee: to give teachers a strong voice in politics.

The PAT PAC Board recommends and supports candidates who will work with us to improve public education. This month, we will begin interviewing candidates for the May primary election, including those running for the Oregon Legislature, Multnomah County Commissioner, Portland City Commission, and Metro Commissioner.

The PAT PAC is funded by voluntary contributions by members, and does not use dues dollars to support political candidates. Your voluntary contribution give teachers a critical voice in local politics. If you are not already a PAT PAC contributor, please fill out this form and return it the PAT office.

Recommendations are made by vote of the PAT PAC Board, which consists of six Directors who are elected by the PAT PAC contributors, as well as the PAT President, the Legislative Committee Chair, and PAT’s OEA LAC and OEA PIE representatives. In making recommendations, the PAT PAC considers each candidate’s record or position on educational issues, their responses during the interviews, the viability of their campaign, and how their positions support PAT’s strategic goals.

To run for a position on the PAT PAC Board, you must be a PAT PAC contributor and a member of the Legislative Committee.  Contact [email protected] to learn more.