PAT PAC Endorsements

May Primary Election: Please VOTE

The Covid-19 crisis has brought existing inequities in our society into stark focus.

Now more than ever, it is crucial that our policy makers are committed to uplifting the most vulnerable in our community, and reframing our economic policies around the values of equity and sustainability. 

This May Primary, we have the opportunity to elect the leaders we need to build the future we envision: this future includes a fully-funded public education system, strong protections for workers, universal health care, racial justice, environmental sustainability, and stable housing for all.

PAT PAC's endorsed candidates share this vision. Please VOTE this primary election, and share PAT PAC's endorsements with your friends and family who vote in Portland. Ballots are due by May 19.

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You can read more about each of our endorsed candidates, plus the OEA PAC endorsed candidates for statewide and Federal races, on our website.