PAT Scholarship for Aspiring Educators of Color- Winners and Honorees

Recruiting, supporting, and retaining educators of color is crucial, for our students and for our profession. Starting this spring, we are excited to award two $6,000 scholarships to people of color seeking a rewarding future career in education. 

Congratulations to Gabriela Cano-Hernandez, recipient of the $6,000 Student Scholarship, and to Melissa Brabham recipient of the $6,000 PPS Employee Scholarship.

As an additional effort to support future BIPOC Educators, the PAT Executive Board has also awarded the following PPS employees with $2,000 scholarships and $500 stipends.

$2,000 PPS Employee: Alyssa Anaya, Cole Reginald, David (DeAnthony) Maza, Bao Ngoc Tong, Lien Tran, Natalie Vega 

$500 Stipend Award: Robert McDonald, Taiya Weiss

We look forward to working with all of these amazing people as PAT Certified Educators. Finally, thank you to the Racial Equity Scholarship Committee and the PAT Board for their efforts to support future BIPOC Educators.