PAT Supports Oregon Labor Candidate School

Since it began in 2012, OLCS trains and supports union members across the state to run successfully for public office up and down the ticket.  Our labor “bench” across the state includes 110 members prepared to serve in public office.  In the last five years, thirty-one OLCS graduates ran for office and seventeen of them get elected. This year ten alumni will be on the ballot. 


OLCS annually provides a six-session class in Portland that runs October-March, a four-session class in Eugene from March to June, a summer alumni training, an educational day in the capitol during the Legislative session, and other networking and continuing education opportunities for our participants. 

The PAT Executive Board voted to continue our support of the Labor Candidate School with a contribution of $500 this year. If you are interested in learning more about OLCS or applying to one of their programs, look here