PAT Voters' Guide

PAT’s recommendations for candidates in the November Election come from the PAT PAC. The PAT PAC is a voluntary, nonprofit association with the purpose of improving public education in Oregon and Portland Public Schools by supporting candidates who are interested in developing a better public education system. The PAT PAC Board of Directors are elected by the PAT PAC contributors, and must be PAT members, PAT PAC contributors, and members of the PAT Legislative Committee.

Recommendations are made on the basis of the candidate’s record or position on educational issues, responses during the interviews, viability of campaign, PAT’s strategic organizational goals, and electability.

In this election cycle, the PAT PAC board interviewed and deliberated over a period of 10 months, for over 44 hours in total, to make recommendations for candidates.

The OEA PIE Board recommends candidates in national and statewide races. 

Recommendations for Ballot Measures come from the PAT Legislative Committee, and are approved by the PAT Executive Board, or are endorsed by the OEA Board of Directors.

Recommended Candidates for the November 2016 Election:

US President – Hillary Clinton

US Senate – Ron Wyden 

US House of Representatives – Suzanne Bonamici, CD1, Earl Blumenauer, CD3

Governor –  Kate Brown

Secretary of State – Brad Avakian 

Treasurer – Tobias Read

Attorney General – Ellen Rosenblum

Oregon House – Mitch Greenlick, HD33, Margaret Doherty, HD 35, Jennifer Williams, HD 36, Ann Lininger, HD 38, Karin Power, HD 41, Rob Nosse, HD 42, Tawna Sanchez, HD 43, Tina Kotek, HD 44, Barbara Smith Warner, HD 45 Alissa Keny Guyer, HD 46 

Oregon Senate – Ginny Burdick, SD 18, Kathleen Taylor, SD 21, Lew Frederick, SD 22, Michael Dembrow, SD 23 

Portland City Council – City Commissioner #4 No position 

Multnomah County Commissioner – Sharon Meieran, Commissioner #1 

Ballot Measures and Levies

Measure 97: A Better Oregon: YES

Measure 98: Career/Tech Education :NO

Measure 99: Outdoor School:  YES

Measure 26-178: Metro Parks and Nature Levy: YES

If you are interested in being part of the Legislative Committee or the PAT-PAC board, we would love to have your involvement. Legislative Committee meetings are open to all members, and are listed on the PAT calendar. Contact Elizabeth Thiel, the PAT-PAC Chair, for more information: [email protected].