PAT Welcomes New Superintendent

Yesterday, October 3rd, a group of educators attended the school board meeting to welcome our new Superintendent, Guadalupe Guerrero, and lay out our union’s vision for public education. 


Public schools are a bedrock of our democracy, and yesterday we spelled out what we mean when we say we are fighting for the schools Portland students deserve.


For starters, we believe in the opportunity for every child, regardless of their zip code, to have the support, tools, and necessary time to learn.  

That means ensuring ALL our schools are inviting physical environments, have the resources they need to provide a well-rounded curriculum, and draw on community support for nutrition and health. We believe in a full continuum of services, including educating our students in the least restrictive environment possible, with all the support they need to be successful.

We want to develop tomorrow’s inventors, thinkers, and artists. Basic skills are, of course, a part of the equation, but we also want to encourage creativity through a well-rounded education that includes art, music, and P.E. Of all the things we teach our kids, the most important is the love of learning.


We believe in our students. Education isn’t a job—it’s a calling. Every day we work hard to connect with each child, to discover their passions and unlock their potential.

It is incumbent on the Superintendent and School Board to ensure each educator has the resources, mentoring, and support professionals need to develop and grow. This means quality professional development and adequate time for planning and collaboration. 


As trusted and trained professionals, educators are best equipped to make the decisions about what it takes to ensure student success. That is why we are fighting for class sizes that enable teachers to connect one-on-one with each student.

In San Francisco, the school district our new superintendent comes from, they have class sizes of 22 for K-3. Don’t our students deserve this kind of meaningful time and attention from elementary educators?

We welcome our new superintendent. It’s time for him to get informed, get involved, and get PPS back on track. I hope he shares our vision for the schools our students deserve, and recognizes that the first step in making that vision a reality is settling our contract.

In Solidarity,

Suzanne Cohen
PAT President