Performance Evaluations for Probationary Educators

Probationary educators must be evaluated each year during their 3-year probationary period. The process is described in the contract and the Educator Handbook for Professional Growth and Evaluation.  Performance ratings must align with the PPS Performance Evaluation Rubric and ratings must be based on direct evidence included in the written evaluation


Probationary educators should have had one formal observation before Winter Break.  The required second formal observation must occur prior to March 1st.   Each formal observation must include a pre-conference, the observation, and a post-observation conference.  Informal observations should also occur periodically to provide ongoing feedback.  

The final Summative Teacher Evaluation Report must be completed prior to March 1.  A separate conference should be scheduled to discuss this report.  This conference is required and should not be combined with a post-observation conference.  You have the right to receive a draft copy of the Summative Teacher Evaluation Report at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting

Ratings in the report must be supported by actual evidence obtained from the informal observations, the formal classroom observations and discussions, and review of artifacts such as contact logs, lesson plans, assessment tools, etc.  The conference also is your opportunity to share additional information and artifacts with the evaluator that may not have been discussed, observed, or noted during the process. 

After the conference, you will be asked to sign the report.  Sign it—your signature indicates only that you received it, not that you agree.  Look at the last page of the Report:

  • Does it state that you SHALL be recommended for renewal?  If so, but you disagree with portions of the evaluation, you have the right to write a rebuttal. 
  • Does it state that you SHALL NOT be recommended for renewal?  Contact the PAT office immediately for assistance.  There is a very short timeline before PPS will decide about your continued employment.
  • Make sure you have received copies of your evaluator’s notes – from all informal and formal observations. If they haven’t given you copies, ask for them.
  • Review the Evaluation Handbook to make sure that the procedures have been followed.  See the Timeline, which describes the required dates, meetings, and forms.

Your PAT Building Rep can help with questions you may have.