PPS Budget Watch—Call for Volunteers

Want to help win the schools our students deserve? Please join fellow PAT members in closely examining the PPS budget and other pertinent financial data so that we can support our Bargaining Team and convincingly demonstrate how PPS can adequately fund all of the vital staffing supports we know our kids deserve—from smaller class sizes to hiring enough behavioral health staff to adequately supporting the social and emotional needs of kids in Portland Public schools. This team will collect and analyze relevant financial data to both support our proposals, and to develop a sound understanding of the District’s financial position and budgetary priorities for the upcoming school year.

We will be meeting in the second week of March to get started with a training and to develop a research plan. If you’re interested in “nerding out” and digging deep into the District’s budget and financial data to achieve the schools that Portland students deserve, please send an email to Peter Brogan at: [email protected]