PPS Union Coalition

Do you know about our PPS Union Coalition? SJCO meets every month with other PPS union leaders to elevate what we’re fighting for, how to elevate the needs of each other, and to strategize solidarity actions. You can be a part of this by simply making connections in your buildings with nutrition and custodian workers, the folx who come to fix your drain or rehang that map that fell to the floor and nearly took out some students. Talk with the folx who work tirelessly on your thermostat that needs to be replaced. Ask what their local is and what their biggest need is. SEIU has created a petition to the school board to prioritize essential workers over admin bloat. Everyone can sign it and customize the message as they like: Invest in essential workers for safe and healthy schools. If you are interested in a banner like the one pictured (awesome solidarity over at Maplewood!), please reach out to [email protected] and [email protected].