President's Message: Size Matters

As educators, we know first-hand the difference a smaller class size or caseload can make for our students.

The smaller the class size, the more we’re able to give each student the individualized attention they deserve. We can formatively assess our students and give them timely feedback. Smaller class sizes allow for more inclusive practices and constructivist learning.

We know it, and our families know it too!


That’s just one of the reasons I love teaching in Portland. Year after year, voters affirm what we already know—that class size matters. Voters have supported the Portland Teacher Levy for decades, and it’s no wonder.

The levy adds over 800 teaching positions to PPS, and we are so thankful to voters for their continued support.

I know that in many schools our class sizes/caseloads are still way too big. But I really believe that with the levy, additional SSA funds, and family support, we can get closer to reasonable class sizes next year.

However, none of that is possible if we don’t pass the Portland Teacher Levy.

First and foremost, make sure that you vote and turn your ballot in. But we also need you to remind your friends to vote too.

This is a very small election, with only a few things on the ballot, so our biggest challenge is making sure we get out the vote. So please do your part to spread the word!

In Solidarity,

Suzanne Cohen
PAT President