President's Message: Use Your Voice, and Vote

There is a lot at stake this November, and in this time of crisis and uncertainty, it is crucial that we invest in supportive services for our community and in sustainable, living wage jobs to fuel our economic recovery.

Too many people are talking about this election as a time for tough choices—between schools, libraries, parks, public transit, and preschool—arguing that we can’t afford to invest in so much all at once. That will certainly be the message from corporations and the extremely wealthy who have continued to profit during this pandemic while low-wage earners have lost so much. 

We cannot allow these measures to be pitted against each other. I hope we all talk to our friends, neighbors, and family members to explain that we can’t afford NOT to invest in our community right now. Supportive services and living-wage jobs is our road OUT of the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. 

Recent events in Louisville, where a grand jury decided not to charge the officers responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor, also demonstrate why we cannot wait any longer for real police accountability. This November we can take a crucial step forward and implement policies that live up to our values and promote real community safety.  

Ballots will be mailed out the week of October 14. Please vote early, and spread the word about these important initiatives.

In Solidarity,


Elizabeth Thiel

PAT President