President's Message: You Make Our Union Strong

Dear Educator,

With less than a month left of the 2021-22 school year, I want to recognize how much you contribute to the lives of your students, to our profession, and to our union.  

This year brought two major waves of COVID-19, a nation-wide crisis of crushing workload, transitioning in and out of CDL learning at some schools, and a critical shortage of educators and school staff. 

Because of you, it also includes countless moments of connection, joy, and growth for the 45,000 students we serve. 

Our schools are only possible because of the unparalleled professionalism, commitment, and creativity of educators and school staff. Despite the uncertainty of our world today, educators create meaning, build community, and work toward a better future, every single day. 

As we draw toward the conclusion of this exhausting school year, I want you to know, you are deeply appreciated, and you are making a difference. You make every day better for your students, and you make our union stronger. 

One of our union’s most important goals is to ensure that next year will be a better year for students, and a better year for educators. That is why we have been advocating for PPS to amend its proposed Budget for 2022-2023, which still includes a reduction in the number of classroom educators and Special Education staff serving students next year. Please watch the remarks that PAT President-Elect Angela Bonilla and I delivered to the PPS board this week, and join us in advocating for a budget that prioritizes smaller class sizes and direct support to our students. 

In Solidarity,

Elizabeth Thiel

PAT President Thiel