Professional Learning Plan: Update from the PAT Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) Committee

On Tuesday, May 10th, Dr. Proctor’s office sent an email about a teacher professional learning plan. The same information went out in Teacher Connect earlier that day. 

When district senior leadership shared an earlier draft of this plan with us at Instructional Practices Council (IPC), our main feedback was a deep concern that school-based classroom teachers were not part of the plan’s development. While we cannot turn back time and include varied teacher perspectives from the beginning of this plan’s development, we suggested ways in which teachers can be involved going forward.

If you have read the letter from Dr. Proctor’s office, you can see that they have taken our advice and are making an effort to seek out teacher input. We encourage you to review the professional learning plan in this slide deck. You can also have a look at this FAQ and submit any questions still unanswered via this form. These are all linked in the email from Dr. Proctor’s office and Teacher Connect as well. 

And please join us at IPD Committee meeting next week, Wed., May 18th, 4:30 - 5:30 PM to hear from Kristina Howard, Interim Director of Teacher Professional Learning about how this plan has been developed so far. This will also be a time to ask about anything not clarified for you on the FAQ and give any additional feedback you may have. 

Information about how to join this meeting will be sent soon from the PAT office.