Progress at the OEA Representative Assembly

Many thanks to the members who represented PAT as delegates at the 2018 OEA Representative Assembly on April 27th and 28th. We had a full day of business on Saturday, and PAT members brought forward and passed several new business items, including:

Making the protection of student from gun violence a priority; Creating a task force to determine the impact of eliminating communication disorders from TSPC licensure; Promoting the Black Live Matter Week of Action; Researching what it will take to establish a fund to support public schools in Puerto Rico; Creating a press release to oppose austerity measures being imposed on Puerto Rico; Supporting MEChA; and partnering with advocacy groups in Oregon to put on an event that calls attention to the systemic oppression of Black and Brown people.

Thanks again to everyone who served as delegates: Kate Anderson, Mike Bauer, Christine Bemrose, Mandee Bish, Carolyn Blum, Janelle Boyle, Chris Buehler, Greg Burrill, Margaret Byrne, Lisa Cavallo, Alice Chadd, Alisha Chavez, Suzanne Cohen, Trask Colby, Kyle Cooke, David Dugo, Christine Emmanuelli, Adolfo Garza, Diane Goff, Myndie Good, Martha Gross, Skye Hanna, Ned Hascall, Irene Ikada, Jaydra Johnson, Susan Kaller, Tom Kane, Tina Lamanna, Rebecca Levison, Rod Maack, Elizabeth Mayer, Joyce McShane, Liz Mick, Kathy Moore, Hyung Nam, Rosie O’Hara, Lisa Orcutt Kane, Kathy Paxton-Williams, Julie Pedersen, Russ Peterson, Al Rabchuk, Philip Rafferty, Joe Rowe, Shelley Simonsen, Elizabeth Skorohodov, Alex Stegner, Gwen Sullivan, Henise Telles-Ferreira, Elizabeth Thiel, Raeann Thompson, Ailien Tran, Mary Watkins, Sue Wilcox, Rose Wilde, Huck Wilken, Timisha Wilson, Tanan Woods, Jamie Zartler.