Racial Justice Resources and Training

We are thrilled to offer a 5-part training series on Racial Justice for PAT Building Reps, specially designed for PAT by the University of Oregon’s Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) in collaboration with members of last year’s PAT Advocacy Cadre.

You can register and read more about these workshops here

Topics covered in each session are listed below:

  • Racial Justice 1: History of Race and Racism in the US, Oregon, and PPS (Foundation and Framework)
  • Racial Justice 2: Race and the Labor Movement and the Role of Our Union Promoting Racial Justice
  • Racial Justice 3: Dealing with Admins and PPS
  • Racial Justice 4: Issues within School Community
  • Racial Justice 5: Addressing Issues with Colleagues

Resources and material from these trainings are linked below to share with colleagues: