Renew the Portland Teacher Levy: Yes for Teachers, Yes for Kids!

This November, Portland Voters will be asked once again to renew the Teacher Levy. The Levy renews the current rate that has funded an average of 825 teaching positions a year in Portland Public Schools. It is crucial for our students and our schools that the Levy passes, and as educators, we are its best spokespeople. Here is some information to help you talk to community members about the Levy.

Levy Facts:

Maintains Over 800 Teaching Positions: Teachers are the heart of our schools. Renewal of the levy funds over 800 high quality teaching positions across the District that help the children in our community thrive. A third of all teaching positions in Portland Public Schools are funded by the Levy.

Funding Programs for a Comprehensive Education: Levy funds help support a well-rounded program, with enrichments for elementary and middle grades and electives in varied interest areas and disciplines for high school students.

Maintains Current Tax Rate: This levy is a renewal. Meaning taxpayers would continue paying the same local option tax rate of $1.99 per $1,000 assessed value they pay today.

Independent Oversight: The levy renewal requires independent oversight to ensure tax dollars are used for purposes approved by voters. The Citizen Budget Review Committee will continue to provide this oversight and all levy funds will be placed in a separate account for transparent reporting.

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