Resources for Allies

We are coming together as educators, families, and community members to demand the great public schools our future demands.

Our students deserve more one-on-one attention from dedicated and well-qualified educators. They deserve modern classrooms and culturally relevant curriculum that prepares them for our increasingly diverse and interdependent world. 

This is the vision for our schools that Portland teachers are working to win through our contract negotiations. 

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What We're Fighting For

Too many schools don’t have enough staff to support students who need mental health support.
Too many classes are so large that there aren’t enough desks for each child.
Too many students are being asked to learn in temperatures over 90 degrees. 

Our PAT bargaining team is working hard. They are ready to bargain and to come to a deal, but we won’t settle unless we see serious improvements for our students. We want a contract that ensures we can improve our schools and win for our students for the long term. 

Show Your Solidarity

We are grateful to have the community’s support in this fight. Now, it’s time to ensure the district sees that it is past time for a contract that ensures the schools our students learn in and that educators work in are safe, welcoming, and fully-funded.

Filling out our Solidarity Form is a great way to get the latest information on actions and ways to show your support.

Sign Our Solidarity Form

Once you sign our form, let the world know you stand with Portland educators! Print out or share the graphics below to make your support public:

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Dig in Deeper

There is often misinformation about negotiations and the stances of the Portland Association of Teachers. Make sure you know what is true! Read our resources below to hear from PAT and PPS and learn more about the fight for Portland schools, students, and teachers.

Our 'Manufactured Crisis' Report

Portland Public Schools district leaders failed to invest in Portland's schools, and in direct student support at a time when student academic, social, and mental health needs are high, post-pandemic.

Our 'Manufactured Crisis' report examines budget decisions PPS district leaders made even after being warned by oversight bodies that reduced funding dedicated to instruction and cut licensed staff that work directly with students, including teachers and counselors.

Read Our Report

PAT and PPS Bargaining Proposals

The conditions right now are unsustainable. We need to raise pay to keep educators in the district, we need to give kids smaller class sizes so they can get the attention they need to learn. Click on the links below to read the final proposals from PAT and PPS and explore recent correspondence regarding our bargaining sessions.

Compare the actual offer from PPS and how it fails to invest in Portland schools (click on the image to open a larger version):

The Oregon Department of Education posted inaccurate information on its website about PPS’ budget. They have now updated the data, and as soon as we analyze them, we will provide updated fliers. Thank you for your patience!

Our Bargaining Strategy

PAT is following a "Bargaining for the Common Good" bargaining strategy. This type of bargaining put the needs of the community as a central part of negotiations. We have prioritized engaging community, expanding the scope of bargaining, centering racial justice in our demands, exposing the bad actors and strengthening organizing. 

Click below to learn we're at in our bargaining timeline and how we're advocating for what our community and educators know is best for Portland schools.

Ensuring Great Public Schools For All


Share the Facts

Print out these fliers and share with your community to ensure they are getting the correct information about the Portland Public School budget, see the support we have received from state political leaders, and know about the programs that exist to support Portland families. Click on each image to open a larger version to download and print.

Flier: PPS - A Failure to Invest

Letter of Support: A Note from Rep. Maxine Dexter, Rep. Lisa Reynolds, and Sen. Elizabeth Steiner

Flier: Supports for PDX Families