Responding to Your Evaluation Report

If you feel that any aspect of the Teacher Evaluation Report you received is incomplete, inaccurate, or unjust, you may submit a written rebuttal statement/objection to the evaluator and request that it be attached to the Evaluation Report.  It will become a permanent part of your personnel file.

The rebuttal should normally be submitted within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Evaluation Report. Write it carefully and have a trusted colleague review it before you submit it.

In drafting your rebuttal, consider these basic questions:

  • Did the evaluator comply with the procedures outlined in the contract and Evaluation Handbook?
  • Applying the Evaluation Rubric, is the rating consistent with the evidence stated in the Evaluation Report?

Review the procedures and timelines in the PPS Educator Handbook for Professional Growth and Evaluation  

Use the Evaluation Rebuttal – Sample Template to help you organize your response.