Retirement Planning Seminar- November 17th, 4:30 PM

PAT is proud to host our first retirement seminar of the year dedicated to financial wellbeing and planning for the future, led by veteran financial advisor Ed Foster. If you are in the late stages of your career and considering retiring now or in the near future, this seminar is for you! Topics for this seminar include:

  • How does my pension work?
  • How does the IAP account fit into that?
  • When can I retire? Does it make a difference if I retire now or later?
  • What pension options are available when I retire?
  • Are there recent changes to PERS?
  • What is a “PERS Bubble” and how can I get one?
  • What District incentives and options are available?

RSVP HERE. The seminar will be in person on Thursday, November 17, 4:30-6:00 PM, at the PAT office at 345 NE 8th Ave. See the flyer here.

(*These retirement seminars are a benefit of PAT membership, and only available for PAT members. Not a member yet? Join Here!)