Retroactive Credit for Master's Degree: Deadline June 1st

In their April 16th email addressing compensation review, the District also spelled out how educators can get credit for Master’s degrees earned prior to licensure. If you think you might at all qualify, please fill out the link below.

The email states:

“The District and PAT have made an agreement to recognize master’s degrees that were earned prior to licensure. The District and PAT have agreed to retroactively apply this recognition to July 1, 2017.

PPS educators who earned their master’s degree prior to licensure shall now be granted credit on the salary schedule for that master’s degree. The column move will be effective retroactive to July 1, 2017 or date degree was awarded, whichever date is more recent. If you earned your master’s degree prior to licensure and, therefore, did not receive credit for it when you were placed on the salary schedule, please notify Human Resources via this Google form. No documentation should be submitted until you receive a request from HR. 

The deadline for submitting your claim for review is June 1, 2018. No claims submitted after this deadline will be reviewed for retroactive adjustment. Otherwise, your right to placement is subject to the provisions in Article 9, Compensation.”