Reviewing School Boundaries

For over a year, the District has been reviewing school boundaries and discussing whether and how they need to change.

Two PAT members have been a part of the formal review process, known as DBRAC, the District Boundary Review Advisory Committee. While we will not take a position on the scenarios currently being considered by the District, PAT has consistently made our priorities clear.

Any changes to school boundaries must ensure that, under any scenario, equitable offerings are made available to all students, that proximity to neighborhood schools is given priority, that school facilities meet the physical needs of students, and that the District follows the process spelled out in our PAT/PPS contract regarding school closures, consolidations, or other building restructuring.

The District needs to develop a thorough, well-designed plan for implementing any changes, complete with a formal review and assessment at various stages of the process.

In practice, our contract ensures most PAT members will follow their students. PAT will work with PPS Human Resources Department representatives to make sure that transfers occur in compliance with contractual procedures and contractual requirements, such as seniority.

Now that the District has developed and is deliberating various scenarios, PAT will no longer formally participate in the DBRAC. We encourage educators to attend both DBRAC hearings and designated school board meetings to provide feedback on the District's boundary proposals.