Covid Safety and Distance Learning Agreements

LOA on COVID-19 Safety (8-31-2021)

PPS MOA Vaccine Mandate Effects (Sept 2021)


PAT Safety Checklists (Fall 2021)

PPS’s Q & A document on Health and Safety


COVID-19 Screening Testing for Educators


COVID-19 Exposure Protocols and Guidance

More Resources on COVID-19 transmission and Vaccination Rates

MOU on Return to In-Person Instruction (signed 3-15-21)



2020 Hybrid Archive

Protocol for Safety Committees and Upholding our Safety Provisions

  • Every school shall have a Safety Committee, with 1-2 PAT members appointed by members at your school.
  • The safety committee will tour the building to ensure that all of the provisions on safety and health protections in the PAT-PPS MOU on returning to hybrid instruction are in place. The initial walk through for K-5 should have been done by March 19, 2021. Middle and High School Safety Committees should complete their walkthroughs prior to hybrid starting on April 19, 2021. 
  • Safety Committees should use the Building Environment Checklist for these tours, and to make sure all of the required supports are established in buildings.
  • After the walkthrough, your safety committee members should inform your staff what the outcome was of the evaluation, and what steps were taken to address any issues.

Similarly, all in-person educators should use the Daily Classroom/Workspace Checklist every day to ensure that they are working in a space that meets all of the safety requirements.

MOU Section I.f. states:  “After student instruction begins, if a room does not meet the agreed upon safety protocol and changes cannot be made within a reasonable amount of time, the room will not be used for in-person instruction until safety conditions are met.

If the requirements are not met, this is the protocol:

  1. Notify your administrator/principal and building rep. Ask administrator for a timeline for resolution.
  2. If not resolved right away, contact your custodian.
  3. Contact [email protected]
  4. If safety concerns are still not met, the space should not be used for instruction. Please then inform your building rep and your principal that you need a new space for instruction.
  5. If, after following the steps above, your administrator is unable or unwilling to adhere to the MOU, contact your UniServ Consultant and Area Superintendent.

Additional PAT/PPS Guidance Documents

PPS Example Schedules for Hybrid (spring 2020)

Agreement for Limited-In-Person-Instruction Safety Conditions (1-13-21)

Agreement for ReOpening School under COVID-19 Pandemic, and District PLC Guidelines (signed 10-16-2020)

Hybrid FAQ (2-18-21)

Distance Learning Evaluation

Resources and Documents

Evaluation Samples

More Information on CDL Evaluations

Given the specific challenges we’re facing with Distance Learning, a majority of educators can still expect an “in process” for many of the evaluation elements, because all ratings must be based on evidence.

Annual Goals

As part of this process, educators will be required to have two student learning goals and one professional goal for the year. Unlike prior years, you may focus student learning goals on:

  1. social and emotional learning for students;
  2. student engagement; and/or
  3. family engagement.

Professional goals are areas that you decide you would like to work on, and academic goals may be considered with mutual agreement.

Key Steps in the Evaluation Process

There are four steps in this year’s evaluation process, a Pre-Observation Conference, a Formal Observation, a Post-Observation Conference, and a Summative Meeting.

This year’s Pre-Observation Conference for classroom teachers will be based on the Educator’s Self-Assessment and Reflection worksheet. Separate rubrics will be used for Library Media Specialists, Counselors, and other Certified Educators not in the classroom.

Educators must be given at least five school days’ notice before the Formal Observation, and administrators will share their notes from the observation using the Administrator Observation Tool.

Generally, within five school days of the observation there should be a Post-Observation Conference. If the educator’s self-assessment and the administrator’s rating significantly diverge, the administrator will provide a written copy of the Administrator Observation Debrief Preparation Form.

For probationary educators this evaluation process will be conducted in both fall and spring, with a Fall Summative Meeting held prior to December 18, 2020 and a Spring Summative Meeting held by March 1, 2021.  

For contract educators there is one annual observation cycle. Formal observations must be completed by April 1, 2021 with Annual Summative Meetings completed by May 1, 2021.