Setting Overload Pay for the Spring Semester

Our contract now has language that defines limits to class-size, teaching load, caseload, and number of unique course preparations. Article 8 in the 2016-2019 PAT Agreement:

  • defines “thresholds” for teaching loads and caseloads and requires overload pay for educators who exceed the thresholds;
  • requires overload pay for departmentalized 6-8, middle school, and high school full-time educators with more than three unique course preparations.

Of course, the intent was to reduce our workload, not for large numbers of educators to receive overload pay. However, holding the District accountable to paying overload pay this year is a crucial step towards securing real workload reductions in the future.

Any overload pay for second semester will be based on workload on the third Monday of February. Since that is a no-school day, we count overages on Tuesday, February 19. If you have an overage on this date, please make sure you save evidence, by taking screenshots of your class lists and/or course lists on Synergy.

We are still working to resolve disagreements with the district overload pay for first semester, and anticipate filing a number of class-action grievances.