Setting Priorities for the Student Success Act

During the October 22nd staff meeting, your PAT Rep(s) and a building administrator will be facilitating a conversation about Student Success Act priorities. This conversation will inform the District’s allocation of Student Success Act dollars and hopefully help shape the PPS budget for next year. You will also be given time to take a survey assessing the District’s needs.

Consultation with educators is required as part of the new law, but PAT leadership expressed concerns over the District’s original proposal of doing a single evening forum. We’re very excited that the District has responded to our concerns, and we believe that, together, we’ve come up with a much better plan.

Jointly planning the October 22nd staff meeting offers PPS a chance to really incorporate educator voice into next year’s budget, and we’re excited about this new opportunity for staff input in the process.

In order to make sure PPS has useful data, PAT also agreed to help create a survey. We started by convening a focus group that included a diverse group of educators. From the focus group, themes emerged on which the District will base its survey.

Thank you to these educators for participating with short notice:

Alisha Chavez, SpEd ISC, Atkinson ES; Allyson Maynard, School Psych, Pioneer;  Andre Hawkins, Dean, Roosevelt HS; Elizabeth Thiel, PAT Vice President; Francisca Alvarez, DLI Grade 2, Scott K-8;  Gwen Sullivan, Librarian, Chapman ES ; Huck Wilken, STEAM, George MS; Kesia Micheletti, SpEd ISC, Roosevelt HS; Maureen Kenny, Science, Lincoln HS; Nancy Arteaga, LA/SS, Lane MS; Suzanne Cohen, PAT President; Timisha Wilson, QMHP, Arleta ES; Tina Lamanna, Grade 2, Markham ES.