Sick Leave Bank - Donations Still Needed!

Thank you to the many members who have already donated hours this year to the Sick Leave Bank. The PAT Sick Leave Bank helps PAT members who must be absent from work due to an accident or illness, but have already exhausted their accumulated sick leave.

So far this school year, we have helped 19 colleagues who are suffering from cancer, surgeries, injuries, and other medical issues. Without a grant from the PAT Sick Leave Bank, they would have had no salary or insurance while on leave.

The Bank is funded solely by member contributions. We are 1000 hours short of the maximum 4000 hours that we can collect for this year. We already have applications that we cannot fill until we collect additional hours.

We need your help! 

You may contribute 4 – 24 hours of sick leave every year. 

Access the donation form here. Return the signed form to your PAT Building Rep or PONY to the PAT office. Thanks for your solidarity.