Sick Leave May be Used in Increments of One Hour

There may be occasions when you need to be absent from work for less than a full day.  Appropriate paid leave may be used to cover such absences.  Examples might include having to leave work an hour early to go to a doctor appointment (sick leave), or needing to be absent for a couple of hours to take your child to the doctor (family illness leave).  Check the contract for the specific requirements for requesting various types of leave.  (See, Article 14).

Leave may be taken in one-hour increments.  You are not required to use a half-day of leave if you only need to be absent for one hour or a few hours.  Confusion exists because requests for substitute teachers must be made for either a half-day (3.75 hours) or a full-day (7.5 hours).  But, using your own leave and requesting a substitute are two, distinct things. 

For example, if you will be absent for two hours, you are required to use only two hours of your leave. You must request a substitute for at least a half-day.  The substitute would cover your assignment for two hours and then your administrator may assign the substitute to other tasks for the remaining hour and forty-five minutes.