Social Movement Unionism: Hope in Hard Times

Please join the Critical Educators Collective and Portland Association of Teachers for Social Movement Unionism: Hope in Hard Times, a six session Inquiry to Action Groups (ItAG) where we will meet to learn how other educators have used their unions to become forces for justice, and develop action plans that achieve this vision.  Click here to RSVP! Space is limited: RSVP by November 5th to save your spot.

In these dark times, its hard to feel effective as educators and activists. Our students, families, communities, and schools are under attack. In our current political climate, our budgets shrink, the school-to-prison pipeline persists, and families see their rights to life, health, and home stripped away. Making matters worse, the isolated nature of our work can make it feel impossible to tackle these issues effectively. This has left many of us wondering: How do we use our power as educators through our unions to fight for the schools our students and communities deserve?

Too often educators do not realize their unions are an effective means to push back against these forces. Inspired by the work of educators in Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle, Philadelphia, and New York, we believe that teachers unions can be forces for justice within our communities.

This Inquiry to Action Group will study and develop concrete action steps we can take to achieve more equitable and just schools through the power we have in our unions.