Speech Language Pathologists National Board Certification Reimbursements

After weeks of discussions, we’ve been able to resolve how Speech Language Pathologists will be paid for their National Board Certifications.  The District will handle the stipends as follows:

1) If you were previously eligible for a stipend under Article 12.1.6, but did not receive it, that will be corrected for the remainder of the grandfathering period, and the correction will be retroactive.

2) Any SLP whose certification lapsed, and who subsequently was denied the stipend, will have that stipend restored pending proof of recertification. That correction will be retroactive if you were denied the stipend because your certification expired. The correction will not be retroactive if you did not request the stipend because you hadn’t renewed your certification. SLPs who renew their certification now and become eligible for the stipend will have that stipend processed as they currently do under Article

If the District has your certificate already, you will begin receiving your stipend in the November paycheck, along with a lump sum for the retro amount.

If the District doesn’t have your certificate, you will receive the stipend in the pay period after PPS receives your certificate.  In addition, you will receive the lump sum for any retro amount in that pay check.

If you are an SLP who has not submitted their certificates, we suggest that you send it in quickly so that it will be processed the following pay period.